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Multi-Search / DeckBuilder (Deckbuilder limit is 500 individual line items)

This tool is useful for anyone trying either to fill a decklist, or fill a wishlist. Simply paste your list into DeckBuilder, and it will do a custom search, displaying all the inventory results. This powerful feature is guaranteed to save you time and effort -- just another way to make your job easier!

Format 1
Lion Stance
Clandestine Research
Cataclysmic Force
Jin Kazama
Format 2
12 Lion Stance
1 Clandestine Research
4 Cataclysmic Force
2 Jin Kazama
3 Mai
Format 3
12x Lion Stance
1x Clandestine Research
4x Cataclysmic Force
2x Jin Kazama
3x Mai

To begin, copy and paste your decklist into the box below and press Continue.