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Frigid Heatwave - Unlimited Edition

Frigid Heatwave - Unlimited Edition

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Extra Info

Rarity: UR
Control: 3
Difficulty: 5
Attack Speed:
Attack Damage:
Keywords: Ranged
Set #:
Attack: 4
Block: 2
Card Number: 137
Card Text: Enhance: If you have 6 or more Ranged attacks in your discard pile, draw 2 cards. Enhance Discard the top 3 cards of your deck: This attack gets +2 damage for each Ranged attack discarded this way.
Card Type: Attack
Elements: Chaos, Fire, Water
Extension: My Hero Academia
Name: Frigid Heatwave
Set Name: My Hero Academia
Block Zone: L
Hand Size:
Speed: 5
Zone: H